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Treating Services

CHEMCO offers custom treating service solutions to clients from all over North America, UK and Japan. CHEMCO's Ferndale, Washington wood treating facility features nine buildings located on 10.98 acres of heavy industrial zoned land. In addition, the Company owns 23.07 acres of heavy industrial zoned non-operating land adjacent to the treating plant. The buildings were constructed and/or remodeled from 1982 through 1994. Production capacity was doubled in 1994 when the fire retardant treatment plant was renovated. An office expansion and addition of new dry kilns were completed in 2000. CHEMCO's on-site chemical manufacturing plant was completed and began operation in April 2001.

For more information about our Treating Service, please contact CHEMCO at (360) 366-3500.


The manufacturer, treater, and seller of this fire retardant treated wood product make no representations, provide no warranties express or implied, and assume no responsibility for the color and stain pattern variations that may occur during the weathering/aging process or for the compatibility or the durability of coatings applied to FR treated lumber and FR treated shake/shingle siding.Wood with age does not retain its original color or necessarily color uniformly or in a cosmetically expected manner. Wood may take on a myriad of color and stain variations at different rates depending upon many factors. The factors include, but are not limited to, species, growing conditions, season of harvest, the nature of the weather/moisture exposure, primers and coatings if any applied, and extent of extractive bleeding (wood naturally contains extraneous materials, the organic components of which are called extractives). The treatment process, including its chemicals, may also affect the nature, timing, and patterns of coloration and staining on the wood. Prior to purchase, consumers should examine like treated wood product of varying age in the same environment/location of intended use for an idea of cosmetic coloration/staining variations understanding all wood is unique in that regard.




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