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Vision & Mission

Our guiding philosophy relates to the people to whom we are responsible and whose trust we must continue to earn.


We believe in the development of exceptional products through the use of superior materials and workmanship, and the application of the most stringent testing methods and quality assurance programs. Our formulations, materials, and processes afford us the ability to guarantee the safety, longevity, and fitness-for-use of the products that we sell. 

Superior Products

We believe that as leaders in wood enhancement technology, developing new and superior products and innovative solutions will give our customers the tools to meet challenges and present new opportunities for our customers.

Code Compliance & Design Specification

We believe in providing up-to-date guidance in the field of design and specification guidelines, and technical support and assistance to our customers and partners. 

Strategic Partners

We believe in finding select companies world wide that demonstrate the capacity to meet our requirements for manufacturing quality products, corporate responsibility to the environment, and business and financial performance in their community and in their markets.


Social Responsibility
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