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Founded in 1981, CHEMCO has become a worldwide leader in modification and enhancement technologies for wood products. Located on a 40-acre site 2 hours north of Seattle, WA, CHEMCO’s history is deeply rooted in the manufacturing of fire resistant wood products for exterior construction. The “ban wood roofing movement” in California in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, sparked groundbreaking research in wood enhancement for fire resistant construction. CHEMCO was one of the early pioneers in fire retardant technologies, and became the only producer of fire resistant wood roofing allowed for sale in California, and also the first company to open previously closed areas in Japan for wood construction.

Research & Development

CHEMCO is the only wood enhancement facility in the United States that has a Research & Development division, including complete laboratory and pilot testing equipment. CHEMCO continues to invest in the development of wood enhancement technology.

Manufacturing Process

CHEMCO's computer-controlled wood enhancement production process is one of the most accurate, consistent, and efficient in the country. CHEMCO uses a vacuum pressure impregnation process to remove moisture and air from the wood cells and replace it with its safe, environmentally friendly additives. The enhanced product is then thermally cured in a kiln, to lock the additives into the wood cells. When the process is complete, the cellular structure of the wood has been altered to make it an enhanced wood product.


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